We’ve sampled our facebook fans and come up with a list of the most amazing places in the world for a destination wedding. Criteria for judging include:

  • Weather
  • Location
  • The people
  • Scenery
  • Beaches
  • Casual, relaxed friendly culture
  • Heritage
  • How idyllic it is

Without further ado, our facebook fans think you should get married in

#10. The United Kingdom

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Home to the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, the United Kingdom has plenty to offer. It’s perfect for a quiet wedding in quaint little village town or a bigger wedding on a grand estate. Whatever your preference, look no further than the UK for a truly cultural wedding or, as the Brits would say, a splendid time.

#9. Sydney, Australia


Sydney has been voted the most generous, friendliest and most beautiful harbour city in the world by international travellers. It’s relaxed outdoor lifestyle, spectacular beaches and iconic Sydney Opera house, make a wonderful backdrop for the wedding of a lifetime.

#8. Prague, Czech Republic// Greece

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In joint eighth place is Prague and Greece.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in rich history and culture, Prague could be the right place for you to say, “I do.” Prague can offer you locations ranging from beautiful gardens and Chateaux to historic palaces and sanctuaries.

Greece is one of the most popular travel spots in Europe. You’ll love it’s delicious mediterranian climate, colorful scenery and rich, blue coastline. If you think it’d be kind of cool to get married where the modern alphabet was invented and where you can find coastal villages tucked in cliffs, Greece might be the place for you.

#6. France

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Add that certain je ne sais quoi to your wedding celebration with a ceremony in France. Whether you choose a charming Village, a winery, a Chateaux or the Eiffel tower, a wedding in France is sure to make for a memorable day.

#5. Fiji // Hamptons, USA

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Perhaps you would like to profess your undying love somewhere between Palm trees, fragrant flowers and breath-taking beaches. In the middle of our list, we have the beautiful, South Pacific Island country of Fiji, famous for coral diving and a leader in eco-tourism.

Home to the rich and famous and the vacation spot for the New York elite, Hamptons, USA is tied with Fiji for our number 5 destination for a wedding abroad. Plan a day at a Waterside Marina, celebrate in a beautiful resort or set up a tent in a lush, green knoll.

#3. The Grenadines Islands

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It is always a good idea to make your way to the Caribbean for your special day. The Grenadines is formed by a chain of 600 beautiful islands. Say your I do’s on a white coral beach, in a luxury villa, or in an island church.

#2. Jamaica


Jamaica is our fans’ second favorite. It boasts an amazing tropical climate and a lively culture. Whether you choose something on the beach, in a historic villa, by a beautiful waterfall or in a secret garden, it is never a bad idea to plan a wedding in this tropical paradise.

#1. Maritius

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And in first place, we have the lovely island nation of Maritius, off the southeast coast of Africa. Maritius has been lauded as a world leading island destination on multiple occasions. With it’s beautiful beaches, exotic flowers, gorgeous fruit trees and lovely mountains, you are sure to be surrounded by amazing scenery for your big day.

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You’re in love but you’re stuck. How exactly do you tell that special someone, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you?” We get it! That’s why the folks here at Elizabeth Reine have put together a list of 10 creative ways you can pop the question. And don’t worry, we’ve left room for you to incorporate those sweet somethings that make your relationship unique.

#10 – The Street Busker

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Take your special someone out on the town, maybe at that cafe you had your first date or in that park you first locked eyes. Afterwards, go on a walk. As you reminisce about all the wonderful times you’ve had together, you just happen to walk by a street busker (wink wink) singing the lyrics of their favorite song. You would have arranged with the street busker to edit a part of the song lyrics to, “Will you marry me?” As you and the street busker sing that line, get down on one knee.

#9 – A surprise in print

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Spell out your proposal where they will not expect it – a fake newspaper, a menu at their favorite restaurant, that puzzle book they love to solve… Just remember to do it on a piece of paper your partner actually reads so the surprise isn’t awkwardly incorporated into your day.

#8 – Just like the movies

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Speak to your local movie theatre and arrange for your proposal to be shown during the previews. It could be a sentimental picture show of special moments the both of you have shared. As soon as your proposal comes on screen, get on one knee.

#7 – Written in the stars

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Look up skywriting businesses in your area or hire a plane to fly a “Will you marry me” banner. Profess your love in the sky while enjoying a romantic meal on the beach.

#6 – Locally Grown

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This one involves getting to know your local farmers (or owning a random piece of land). Take your beloved on a helicopter ride. Arrange to have the words, “Will you marry me” followed by their name, landscaped over a field as you fly by. Don’t forget to take pictures! You’ll want to remember seeing it from cloud 9.

#5 – A taste of romance

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Plan a romantic gateway with your beloved. Arrange with hotel staff to ensure your proposal goes off without a hitch. Work with the venue to prepare a special menu comprising of your beloved’s favourite foods. After a romantic dinner with your special someone, have the waiter bring the ring with desert while you get down on one knee and propose.

#4 – Fun and games

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Get your favourite group of people together for a nice night of board games like Pictionary, taboo, or trival pursuit. On you and your beloved’s turn to play, draw, act out or ask your proposal instead.

#3 – Puzzles

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Have a jig saw or cross word puzzle made especially for your beloved and have your beloved solve it. The puzzle should spell out your proposal. This also doubles as a keep-sake that can be framed. Remember to get down on one knee once your proposal is revealed.

#2 – The Karaoke Proposal

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Get your family and friends together for a night out to a karaoke bar. Boldly take the stage and sing your beloved’s favourite song, or any song that has special meaning to both of you. After the song, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.

#1 – The Flash Mob

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Organise a flash mob at a place significant to your relationship. Some good spots could be the place you first met, in front of a museum, or at a special landmark. Towards the end of the mob, join in the routine, get down on your knee and propose.

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